Until a few weeks ago I was working full time in my shop and I only had Sundays and Mondays to properly enjoy time with my little rascals. #MummyMonday has become a well known phrase in our family because it’s the day when I take the littlest two to do fun stuff (and squeeze most of my housework in, between Grace’s school pick up time and Lissy’s swimming lesson).

But since the shop closed I have rediscovered my joy at having more time to spend with all of the children. Being a full time mummy is not a long term option for me because I will have to start earning some ££s soon, but for now and for as long as it lasts I am determined to make the most of it.

A smiling Nate, with me in the backgroundLike anything it is a juggling act though, and even though last week we did go a bit nuts with trips to the park (via the ice cream shop!) and other fun things, I’m also still working on the online aspects of my wool business – blogging, admin, marketing, social media, trips to the post office … And I’m applying for jobs too.

But what I am truly loving is the feeling that I am finally doing justice to my most important job. For the past couple of years while I’ve had the business it’s been hard not to be distracted by work, even on my ‘days off’. My phone was constantly buzzing and my intention to always offer excellent customer service (speedy replies to enquiries and same day dispatch of orders) meant that I felt I was always on duty.

Someone once said to me ‘a happy mummy means a happy family’ – with the inference being that a stressed out mummy has the opposite effect. I couldn’t agree more.

Now, I have Lissy and Nate with me for three days each week, AND I am no longer working on Saturdays so as a family we have two whole days together with Ashton and Grace there too. I feel more relaxed, I’m in less of a hurry to race through everything, and I firmly believe that we are all benefiting from this.

This time won’t last forever, but for now I’m stocking up on cuddles and silliness, ignoring my phone as much as I can, and living in the moment.

xx Lucy