I suspect that the creation of a new brand … well a logo at least … for my fledgling knitting design career is a form of procrastination. I’ve dabbled with designing for at least a year, and promised to share my patterns. But something has stopped me from finishing and publishing anything, until now. But it’s time to finally launch Lucy Davies Designs.

I’ve been close to crossing the finish line more than once. I’ve even had one pattern professionally tech edited (an essential step to making sure that the pattern makes sense and can be followed successfully). But I┬ásuspect that a form of imposter syndrome has stood in my way. And I freely admit that I’ve found plenty of reasons excuses, like being too busy and too tired to simply make it happen.

But no more.

Pebble Beach Scarf

The only missing piece of the puzzle for my first pattern is getting some decent photos. I’m spending lots of time experimenting with settings on the manual set up of my phone’s camera in trying to find the light and get the better of these dark winter days which simply don’t want me to get the pictures I need. And hopefully that means that the Pebble Beach Scarf will be published on Ravelry imminently.

In the meantime, in true #can’ttakethegirloutofmarketing style, I am getting my brand ready. I’ve had a ton of fun tonight designing a logo and getting Facebook and Insta pals to help me choose between a few options.

So, now for the big reveal … thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote. More than 100 people wanted to help me make this decision (wow we all like a vote, huh?!).

And here’s what you decided. Overall most of you preferred option three, but I also decided to make an avatar-friendly version so my final logos will be …

Watch out for these bad boys coming soon, proudly displayed on my first Lucy Davies Designs.