It’s not that I don’t have several WIPs on the go, it’s more that some projects either need or invite my full attention. It’s a form of knitting monogamy, but I’m not strict about it.

Knitting monogamy is a regular topic of conversation for me and my yarny friends. A very select number are purists who keep a linear focus and will not – no matter what – cast on a new project while a UFO lurks nearby.

Multiple cast ons

I’m definitely not so strict. Events zoom towards me in my calendar that need┬áhandmade gifts. And intriguing creations spotted on Instagram and Ravelry are equally likely to tempt me from the path of faithfulness. And so I switch to something new, but with the intention that I’ll be back to finish the original in no time at all. Which does happen … sometimes.

The new thing very often becomes the object of my laser focus. Then I devote as many waking hours as possible to casting on, knitting like crazy, and jubilantly casting off again as quickly as I possibly can.

And then the only question is, will I return to one of those neglected WIPs? Or be tempted to find a shiny new project instead?

Knitting tenacity

It’s hard to sustain the excitement of a project when you know you’re at that middle point. Halfway through, you’ve lost the thrill of the cast on, but you’re also not quite close enough to the finish line to gather the necessary energy for a final sprint. It’s now that you need knitting tenacity so that this WIP doesn’t end up gathering dust for long enough that you can’t even remember where you got to in the pattern and it becomes Too Hard To Finish.

I’ve sorted through my stash and my WIPs recently. I’m a bit surprised that I actually don’t have as many items to finish as I expected (although I confess that I have lost a sock that I cast on and didn’t even get as far as the heel several months ago!)

So now, as I enter the desert of mid-project on my stash-diving stripy jumper I am contemplating a WIP-collection (and location) strategy for 2019, to run alongside my next few joyful cast ons.

Tell me, do you knit monogamously?