Hello! Today I’m thinking about small but significant changes I could make to reduce my stress levels and increase happiness. Every now and then I remember that this stuff is really important! 😉

How many times a day do we all think about how busy we are, and how much stuff we still have to get done?! Managing our homes and families, holding down a job, and the ‘mental load’ of keeping everything on track. So here’s my enlightening thought for the day. What could you STOP doing? If you really think about it, are there any tasks that you do as a matter of course that just aren’t that important, or could be done less frequently?

For example my husband and I have an ongoing disagreement about housework. He thinks I do too much of it and should relax my standards. I think he doesn’t do enough and has no idea what state our house would be in without me scooping up the kids’ toys and returning them to their bedrooms, throwing bleach down the loo and wiping the surfaces down, and making sure that our eldest has the requisite uniform ready for school each day. Hmph, am I preaching to the choir here?! 😉

But since my return to work, and now that I am running a busy business as well as wrangling three little rascals (and a husband!) at home, I have compromised a little. Housework can sometimes wait a day or two (especially if there is knitting to be done), and in the name of sanity I have a cut off point each day when the kids are tucked up in bed, and I do not work after that time.

And now I’ve made a decision about something else to change. I am officially saying goodbye to Twitter. As a business owner it can feel like you must make the most of every opportunity to remind people about your brand. But there are so many places – from the shop, to the website, and then all of the social media platforms – it’s hard to do justice to them all. Twitter has been a task that I never quite have enough time to do well. Every now and then I pop over and post something, but I don’t manage to stay there long enough to engage in any meaningful chat. And since social media should be about creating relationships with other people, not just posting and running … there’s kind of no point unless I do it properly.

So. It’s au revoir Twitter, and no more feelings of guilt that I’m not making the most of a potential way to connect with people about Magnolia Tree. Instead, I’ll keep talking to you all through the blog, Facebook, and – you know – in person. 🙂 And the time I’m saving by not hopping over to Twitter can be better spent on more important things like knitting. 🙂

What could you stop doing, or do less of?

xx Lucy

PS. I may not be on Twitter in future, but you can still find me and chat on Facebook and Instagram 🙂