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My 2019 knitting design goals

It’s not that I have a burning ambition to swap my marketing career to become a full time knitting designer. I mean, reality check … how likely is it that self publishing a few patterns will create a sufficient income to allow me to do that? So when I look back at my knitting design achievements at the end of 2019, what will make me think I’ve been successful?

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Knitting monogamy

My multiple cast on strategy is there for a reason, but surviving the temptation to ignore UFOs in favour of shiny new projects is a real thing. Will 2019 see me become a monogamous knitter? I very much doubt it!

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Imposter Syndrome

There’s a voice in my head. It’s pretty much always there, and some days it’s louder than others. Sometimes it whispers, sometimes it shouts. You might have it too. It’s that sneaky voice that makes you doubt yourself.

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Inspiration at Work

My perspective has changed and it’s important that I feel I am making a difference. Leaving the huge faceless corporate world far behind and growing (a little!) older means I am more in tune with my own ethics and beliefs.

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Book Club or Bust!

I hope I don’t sound too grinch-like if I admit that I was unsure about the book club thing. I was worried that my sanity-retaining sofa time and early to bed routine would be upset. I would probably fall behind on my latest crochet-along. I might not know anyone … yep I was looking for reasons not to go.

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