Overwhelm. I know that it’s a feeling that loads of you have likely experienced too …

At the moment I feel that life has thrown up a great big ‘hold on there buddy’ sign in my face. I’ve been needing to slow things down and re-centre. To think about what is actually important and what I can let go of.

It’s not all that surprising when you consider that in the past two years I’ve started a business, opened (and closed) a shop, got married, cared for my three children aged 5 and under, tried to be super housewife and keep our home vaguely resembling clean and tidy, and had a very suddenly poorly Dad.


Keep it in perspective

That’s why I’m going to be lenient on myself here. I have a history of taking on too much and even though on my birthday next week I will be forty-ahem, I’ve still not learned my lesson. I just get a bit too excited about the potential of what I could do and I enthusiastically wade in where wiser friends might just steer clear.

For instance, at this moment I am prepping for a job interview, writing a loooong list of things to do on the Magnolia Tree website and related business admin, entertaining the kids who are all off school/preschool still for half term, getting my weekly round of housework done. And trying not to think about the two online knitting design and tech editing courses that I have ignored for several weeks. And writing this blog post.

Hmmmm. Something’s gotta give!


The one thing that I really want to get in control of though, is my phone

It just seems to take over. All of my social media accounts are on there, along with two email accounts, my calendar, WhatsApp, and of course phone and text. It never stops buzzing!

And even if I ignore the buzz, that little light starts flashing and it’s as though it’s taunting me. ‘Come on, just tap my screen, you know you want to …’ 😉

I’ve learned to overcome this in the evenings by simply leaving my phone in a different room. Perhaps I should also look for an app that helps manage time on social media – because that endless scrolling on Facebook and Pinterest can suck up hours of my time.


My ‘coping with overwhelm’ strategy

Hey, woe me, right?! Well no … I’m not just going to sit here and feel sorry for myself. I am far from the only busy and overwhelmed person around. So what should I do?

I’m going to start by writing lists. Everything that is floating around in my head that I think I need to do. I’ll sort the tasks into groups and then make myself evaluate which ones I can DELETE. I’m pretty certain that some things can be let go of, and after that I can prioritise the other stuff so that I feel a bit more in control.

And, one more thing. Number 1 on every list is going to be to make time for me to do nothing. It’s impossible to stay this busy all of the time and actually be effective. I wrote recently about mindfulness for busy mums – which is something I try to practice as much as possible. So it is going firmly on my ‘to do’ list. 🙂

How do you cope when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

xx Lucy